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Type: book
Title: Desperately seeking justice : a resource and training manual on violence against women in a culturally diverse community
Authors: Gonzalez, Mirta
Orlando, Diana
Gilmore, Kate
Keywords: Training;CALD (culturally and linguistically diverse);Standards;Workplaces
Year: 1992
Publisher: CASA House, The Royal Women's Hospital
Notes:  Manual, written in four parts, designed to improve workers’ and agencies’ response to violence against women in the culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) community. Part 1 lists the principles underpinning the manual and gives instructions on using the resource effectively. Part 2 provides fictional stories of both women’s experiences and workers’ perspectives, as a tool to be used in several of the suggested activities presented in the manual, as well as a means of portraying the social reality of violence against women to the reader. Part 3 provides a set of six incremental steps from which an agency may select the level of response appropriate to the resources available to that agency. Part 4 contains resources and information in the form of a bibliography and additional recommended reading.
Contents:  Leaflets include:
Gender, race, ethnicity: a Filipina perspective /Melba de Guzman-Marginson
Barriers to support services for women and children of non-English speaking backgrounds /by Mirta Gonzales.
Resource guide : Resource guide Victoria pp. 1-7 ; Resource guide National pp. 9-11 ; Table comparison of legislation between all states and territories p. 13.
12 overhead transparencies (masters) [18] p. and [2] p. of questionnaire
ISBN: 9780959740134
Physical description: 111 p. : ill. + leaflets (13, [20] p.) ; 21 x 30 cm.
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