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Type: Non-Fiction
Title: Violence : directions for Australia
Authors: National Committee on Violence
Keywords: Overview
Year: 1990
Publisher: Australian Institute of Criminology
Notes:  Report produced by a national committee that met for two years, providing a range of data current at that time. It notes how inadequate data collection is, presents a review of policy and service responses and makes a number of recommendations in relation to prevention. Provides a literature review on causes – from early development, to environmental and developmental influences, substance abuse, biological and psychiatric bases. The report found two broad groups of victims of violence – men at the hands of other men, and women and children at the hands of men with whom they have been living. The report highlights the significantly higher levels of risk for indigenous Australians – up to ten times higher in the case of homicide.
ISBN: 9780642149756
Physical description: lv, 285 p. : col. ill. ; 25 cm.
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