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Type: Non-Fiction
Title: Public face, private pain : the Anglican report about violence against women and the abuse of power within the church community
Authors: Last, Helen
Vadasz, Danny
Gonzalez, Mirta
Gilmore, Kate
Keywords: Religious groups
Year: 1994
Publisher: CASA House, The Royal Women's Hospital
Notes:  The Women, Church and Domestic Violence Project conducted for the Anglican Diocese of Melbourne, 1989-1993
A research study carried out in the Anglican Diocese of Melbourne into family violence within the Church community. The study focused on the victim/survivor's experience of violence. The research was directed at three groups: members of Anglican congregations and women's networks; clergy in parish ministry; and church professionals in health, welfare and educational settings. Data were gathered through a range of methods including a Congregational Member's Questionnaire, a phone-in survey and personal stories offered by women. One strategy to solicit participation was the provision of educational workshops for women in four congregations. Provides findings on the prevalence and types of violence experienced by the women and many stories of women's experience. Also outlines the views of the Clergy about violence and identifies principles for future action to address violence against women.
Contents:  Ch.1: Making violence about women count
Ch.2: Understanding violence against women in the Anglican Church
Ch.3: The web of violence
Ch.4: The Anglican Church's response to violence against women
Ch.5: The church of our fathers
Ch.6: Foundations for the future
ISBN: 9780959740141
Physical description: ix, 118 p. ; 25 cm.
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