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Type: Non-Fiction
Title: Our life, our journey : a parent's perspective of the child protection system
Authors: Henderson, Debbie
Keywords: Parenting;Personal stories;Government;Policies;Families;Western Australia
Year: 2015
Publisher: Margaret River Press
Notes:  "Our Life, Our Journey' published by Margaret River Press (2015) tells the story of parents being involuntary participants in the child protection system.

This book, the first of its kind in Australia has been developed by the Family Inclusion Network WA (Fin WA) with funding from Lotterywest. It uses the medium of photography and related narrative to share parents' experiences of the child protection system. Interspersed throughout the book are academic reflections from notable experts in the field.

The result is a collection of images and stories both confronting and challenging to see and read."
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Physical description: 95 p. : col. ill. ; 23 x 23 cm.
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