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Type: Non-Fiction
Title: Indigenous statistics : a quantitative research methodology
Authors: Anderson, Chris
Walter, Maggie
Keywords: Quantitative measures;Indigenous communities;Data collection;Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities;Data sovereignty;Statistics;Data
ANRA Population: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Communities
Categories: Statistics
Year: 2013
Publisher: Left Coast Press
Abstract:  In the first book ever published on Indigenous quantitative methodologies, Maggie Walter and Chris Andersen open up a major new approach to research across the disciplines and applied fields. While qualitative methods have been rigorously critiqued and reformulated, the population statistics relied on by virtually all research on Indigenous peoples continue to be taken for granted as straightforward, transparent numbers. This book dismantles that persistent positivism with a forceful critique, then fills the void with a new paradigm for Indigenous quantitative methods, using concrete examples of research projects from First World Indigenous peoples in the United States, Australia, and Canada."
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