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Type: Non-Fiction
Title: Home free : Women's journeys to safety from domestic violence / real stories written from conversations with Moya Sayer-Jones
Authors: (transcriber)
Sayer-Jones, Moya
Mankiewicz, Alex
(writer of foreward)
Caro, Jane
Phillips, Tracey
Keywords: Australia;Violence against women;Intimate partner violence;Personal stories;Domestic violence;Family violence
Year: 2017
Publisher: Bonnie Support Services
Abstract:  "These stories are written from transcripts of conversations with seven women – they are told in the storytellers' own words. … These stories show the rich, the poor, the young and not-so-young, the English speakers, migrants, Aboriginal women, city dwellers, and regional women. These are frank, feisty, and often, very raw accounts, and the insights are invaluable. They show how the women came to understand their situations and what it took to find safety: including the people and services that made all the difference." (page 5)
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