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Type: Fact Sheet
Title: Fact Sheet #2 : The myth of women’s false accusations of domestic violence and misuse of protection orders
Authors: Flood, Michael
Keywords: Statistics;Protection orders;Community education;Post-separation violence
Year: 2005
Publisher: National Council of Single Mothers & Their Children
Notes:  Fact Sheet #1 deals with 'The myth of false accusations of child abuse' and can be found at
Also appears in the journal Women Against Violence:, Issue 16, 2004-2005, pp. 44-46.
This fact sheet outlines some of the myths surrounding domestic violence – those often argued by fathers’ rights groups. It briefly sets out the facts and figures to demonstrate the following: that the risk of domestic violence increases at the time of separation; women living with domestic violence often do not take out protection orders and do so only as a last resort; and protection orders are an effective means of reducing women’s vulnerability to violence.
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