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Record ID: 1cfe77f5-a098-44ef-a90a-5aa2c6d13905
Type: Fact Sheet
Title: Children and young people who experienced a pivotal life event
Authors: NSW Child Death Review Team
Keywords: Health;Impact on children and young people
Year: 2003
Publisher: NSW Commission for Children and Young People
Notes:  See also other briefing papers in this series and the report on which they are based on our Research & Resources database: 'Overall profile of suicide and risk-taking deaths 1996-2000', 'Children and young people with enduring difficulties' and 'Children and young people who died as a result of adolescent experimentation' and 'Suicide and risk-taking deaths of children and young people : report'
Based on the Child Death Review Team's report "Suicide and risk-taking deaths of children and young people", this briefing paper gives an overview in the area of children and young people whose death was related to a significant life event such as physical illness, sexual assault, unemployment and legal problems. It includes key findings of the report in this area and the report's major recommendation.
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