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Record ID: 7ad93c41-8540-4016-a974-1394838bcefc
Type: Journal Article
Title: Programs for perpetrators of domestic violenceNSW domestic violence strategic plan
Authors: Townsend, Lynne
Keywords: Perpetrators
Year: 1991
Publisher: NSW Women's Co-ordination Unit
Notes:  Report written as part of the development of the NSW Domestic Violence Strategic Plan to determine what place, if any, perpetrator counselling programmes have in the overall plan to reduce and eliminate assaults on women by their male partners, and what organisational frameworks, policies and practice standards are required to ensure that the safety of women and children is not jeopardised. Explores the reasons behind the popularity of perpetrator treatment programmes for this particular crime. Reviews the approaches adopted in other states of Australia and current models of service and makes recommendations about the model, content, accountability mechanisms, staffing and evaluation of these programmes.
Contents:  Ch. 1: Introduction
Ch. 2: Why therapy?
Ch. 3: The consequences of ad hoc development
Ch. 4: Therapeutic approaches
Ch. 5: State government programs
Ch. 6: Current models
Ch. 7: Future directions
Ch. 8: References
ISBN: 9780730587781
Physical description: 24 p. ; 30 cm.
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