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Record ID: 9d9b647a-3368-4e82-a8c2-d8ace09bc6f3
Type: Journal Article
Title: Working from inside and outside institutions: how safety audits can help courts' decisions making around domestic violence
Other Titles: Juvenile & family court journal
Authors: McMahon, Martha
Pence, Ellen
Keywords: Legal issues;Child protection;Criminal justice responses;Family law
Year: 2003
Publisher: National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges
Citation: 54 (4), Fall 2003
Notes:  Presents an overview of a relatively new model for collaborative intervention with victims of domestic violence and their families, the institutional safety audit. The article provides both a general and detailed description of the auditing process and discusses some of the ways it is currently being implemented in the US. Key benefits of the model and it’s capacity to bring about both individual and structural change are highlighted and some of the ways it may assist courts in their decision making processes are suggested.
ISSN: 0161-7109
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