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Record ID: dd9328d1-74e9-48bd-ae55-7435c8aad8db
Type: Journal Article
Title: 'The road home': for the historically forgotten?
Other Titles: Parity
Authors: McFerran, Ludo
Keywords: Housing;Policy;Older people
Year: 2009
Publisher: Council to Homeless Persons
Citation: 22 (1), February 2009
Notes:  This commentary discusses the Commonwealth Government's White Paper on Homelessness The Road Home: A National Approach to Homelessness:(FACSIA, 2008). The author welcomes the Government's recognition of and willingness to address some of the entrenched problems of gender disadvantage in homelessness policy and provision, housing affordability and the double victimisation of women and children as result of domestic violence.
ISSN: 1032-6170
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