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Record ID: 7ee1c334-2793-47d2-aa20-f927213e4a58
Type: Journal Article
Title: The 2005 reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act: why Congress acted to expand protections to immigrant victims
Other Titles: Violence against women
Authors: Conyers, John
Keywords: Legislation analysis
Year: 2007
Publisher: Sage Publications
Citation: 13 (5), May 2007
Notes:  The author provides an overview of the history of congressional involvement with the Violence Against Women Act's (VAWA) provisions to protect immigrant victims of domestic violence and other forms of violence against women. He also outlines the reasoning behind, and purpose of, the most recent enhancements in legal protections for immigrant victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, trafficking, and foreign fianc?s and spouses that were included in the recently reauthorized VAWA 2005, also describing the bipartisan work that resulted in this newest piece of legislation. [?2007 SAGE Publications. All rights reserved. For further information, visit SAGE Publications link.]
ISSN: 1077-8012
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