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Type: Journal Article
Title: A Systematic review of culturally competent family violence responses to women in primary care
Authors: Pokharel, Bijaya
Taft, Angela
Hooker, Leesa
Yelland, Jane S
ANRA Topic: Health, primary care and specialist service responses
ANRA Population: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Communities
Culturally and linguistically diverse communities
Categories: ANROWS Completed Register of Active Research projects
Year: 2021
Publisher: Sage journals
Abstract:  Existing culturally competent models of care and guidelines are directing the responses of healthcare providers to culturally diverse populations. However, there is a lack of research into how or if these models and guidelines can be translated into the primary care context of family violence. This systematic review aimed to synthesise published evidence to explore the components of culturally competent primary care response for women experiencing family violence. We define family violence as any form of abuse perpetrated against a woman either by her intimate partner or the partner’s family member. We included English language peer-reviewed articles and grey literature items that explored interactions between culturally diverse women experiencing family violence and their primary care clinicians. We refer women of migrant and refugee backgrounds, Indigenous women and women of ethnic minorities collectively as culturally diverse women. We searched eight electronic databases and websites of Australia-based relevant organisations. Following a critical interpretive synthesis of 28 eligible peer-reviewed articles and 16 grey literature items, we generated 11 components of culturally competent family violence related primary care. In the discussion section, we interpreted our findings using an ecological framework to develop a model of care that provides insights into how components at the primary care practice level should coordinate with components at the primary care provider level to enable efficient support to these women experiencing family violence. The review findings are applicable beyond the family violence primary care context.

family violence, primary care, women, Culturally competent, culturally diverse, ethnic minority, Indigenous , migrant and refugee

Project title
HARMONY: A cluster randomised controlled trial of a whole of general practice intervention to prevent and reduce domestic violence among migrant and refugee communities

Organisational affiliation
La Trobe University

Other investigators/researchers
Prof Kelsey Hegarty
A/Prof Jane Yelland
Prof Gene Feder
Prof Danielle Mazza
Prof Alan Sheill, La Trobe University

Abstract/project description
Migrant and refugee victims of domestic violence (DV) are at grave risk of harm and murder and under-identified in primary care.

Aim (50 words)
The Harmony partnership builds on evidence-based models of DV response, to trial an innovative intervention of culturally competent and safe care in general practices with significant numbers of migrant patients.

Methods (100 words)
Harmony is a randomised controlled trial that aims to test the feasibility and effectiveness of a systems intervention to improve the capacity of primary care clinicians (GPs, nurses and others) to enquire about family violence, provide first line support, and offer confidential referral to culturally diverse women patients. The study, adapted from a successful UK model, is being trialled in 28 general practice sites in regions of high South Asian immigrant population in Melbourne's north west and south east suburbs.
Significance, including intended impact, implications for policy and practice (100 words)
Harmony will result in data platforms that enhance assessment and care plans for DV victims, and safer outcomes for those from vulnerable populations.

Name of funding body
NHMRC: GNT1134477

Project budget

Approximate project start date
Expected project end date


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