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Record ID: 0cf9856a-4f32-4415-b4e3-fc660deb1ba3
Type: Journal Article
Title: Abuse of women with disabilities: state of the science
Other Titles: Rehabilitation counseling bulletin
Authors: Hassouneh-Philips, Dena
Curry, Mary Ann
Keywords: Disability;Statistics
ANRA Population: People with disability
Year: 2002
Publisher: American Rehabilitation Counseling Association
Citation: 45 (2), 2002
Notes:  Provides an overview of quantitative and qualitative studies into domestic violence against women with disabilities and identifies several trends which emerge from the data gathered. Suggests that although women with a disability do not appear to be at any greater risk of domestic abuse than the general population, there are important differences in the nature and frequency of violence experienced, and in the relationship of perpetrator to victim. The implications of these findings and a review of resources currently available to women with disabilities is provided and it is argued there is an urgent need for further research and intervention in this area.
ISSN: 0034-3552
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