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Record ID: 851e71ff-b9a4-4284-bbb6-0cb97c335600
Type: Journal Article
Title: Battered women's concerns about their children witnessing wife assault
Other Titles: Journal of interpersonal violence
Authors: Hilton, N Zoe
Keywords: Leaving/Staying;Impact on children and young people
Year: 1992
Publisher: Sage Publications
Citation: 7 (1), March, 1992
Notes:  Results of 24 interviews with victims of domestic violence, where participants described the violence, and the conflicts that preceded it. Participants were asked if their children had witnessed the violence, what the children said or did at the time or later, if the perpetrator was ever violent towards the children, the role the children played in the mother's decision to leave, and in her life since leaving. Research was conducted in Canada.
ISSN: 0886-2605
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