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Record ID: 63387b5e-b441-4761-aeac-b0f4896863b5
Type: Journal Article
Title: Child sexual abuse: assault in a violent context
Other Titles: Australian journal of social issues
Authors: Goddard, Chris
Hiller, Peter
Keywords: Theories of violence;Child protection
Year: 1993
Publisher: Australian Council of Social Service
Citation: 28 (3), February 1993
Notes:  Explores theoretical perspectives and debates regarding the practical and experiential origin of child sexual abuse. Investigates and questions the difference between cases of sexual abuse as distinct from physical abuse, within the framework of family violence. Examines 206 cases of child abuse as presented at the Child Protection Unit of the Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne, between 1 January and 30 October 1987. Concludes that through a thorough examination of social background and situation, increasing insight into child sexual abuse can be gained.
ISSN: 0157-6321
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