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Type: Journal Article
Title: Domestic violence against men
Authors: Flood, Michael
Keywords: Men as victims;Measurement;Gay/lesbian/transgender
Year: 2003
Publisher: Australian Domestic & Family Violence Clearinghouse, UNSW
Notes:  Reports on the debate about whether domestic violence is gender-equal, that is, whether women and men assault each other at equal rates, in similar ways, with similar motivations, and with equivalent consequences. Discusses the contexts of both men’s violence towards women and women’s violence towards men and the possible reasons behind under- or over-reporting of such violence. Emphasises that a greater proportion of heterosexual male victims will have themselves perpetrated violence than heterosexual female victims, whose violence is more likely to be retaliatory or in self-defence. Notes however that some male victims of abuse by female partners do meet traditional definitions of domestic violence victimisation. Points out that studies suggest that the incidence of violence in same-sex relationships is comparable to that in heterosexual relationships, which may mean that the numbers of men experiencing violence from male partners is greater than the number of men living with violence from female partners. Highlights that, whether men are subjected to domestic violence by women or other men, they deserve the same sympathy, support and services as are offered to female victims, but stresses how effective responses to male victims of domestic violence have been hampered by the political uses to which claims related to male victimisation have been put by “men’s rights” and “fathers’ rights” groups which make only selective use of existing data on domestic violence. Concludes that contemporary feminist theorisations of violence are being challenged to move beyond an exclusively gender-based analysis, in order to recognise that violence is experienced through multiple and intersecting systems of oppression and privilege.
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