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Record ID: 67bde910-9594-4dcf-95e2-e01aa9049ec4
Type: Journal Article
Title: Family relationship centres: Partnerships with legal assistance services
Other Titles: Family Court Review
Authors: Moloney, Lawrie
Deblaquiere, Julie
De Maio, John
Kaspiew, Rae
Year: 2013
Citation: No 2 Vol.: 51
Notes:  In June 2009, the Commonwealth Attorney General announced a Family Relationship Centres/ Legal Assistance Partnerships Program, (the ‘Better Partnerships’ program) the aim of which was to assist separated or separating families, ‘by providing access to early and targeted legal information and advice when attending Family Relationship Centres’ (McClelland, 2009). The present paper contextualizes this signifi cant shift in policy and practice. It then reports on key results of an evaluation of the program, completed in late 2010 by the Australian Institute of Family Studies. The paper concludes with refl ections on the program and on future directions.
ISSN: 17441617
Physical description: Pages 250-267
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