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Record ID: 0d9dddf5-da43-47a5-bf36-6e973f663e99
Type: Journal Article
Title: Feminist disability theory: domestic violence against women with a disability
Other Titles: Disability & Society
Authors: Mays, Jennifer M
Keywords: Disability;Theories of violence;Welfare
ANRA Population: People with disability
Year: 2006
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Citation: 21 (2), March 2006
Notes:  This article refers to a study in Queensland that looked at the nature and perceptions of violence against with women with a physical impairment. Current explanations of domestic violence and disability do not adequately explain features that lead women who have a disability to experience violent situations. The author uses both disability and material feminist theory as an alternative explanation to the psychological and sociological approaches of conceptualising domestic violence. A literature review, and principles of disability theory and material feminism (feminist structural interpretations), are provided. Incidence and prevalence of violence against women with disabilities are outlined. The impact of welfare reformism and disablism is discussed. It argues that by adopting the underlying premises of the social model of disability and material feminist interpretations, and integrating the focus on gender relations, disablism and poverty, the nature and consequences of violence against women with a disability can be better explored.
ISSN: 0968-7599
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