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Type: Journal Article
Title: Inquiry into response by government agencies to complaints of family violence and child abuse in Aboriginal communities (The Gordon Inquiry) Western Australia, 2002.
Other Titles: Developing Practice: The Child, Youth and Family Work Journal
Authors: D'Eatough, Tauri R
Year: 2002
Citation: No 5
Notes:  As a result of a Coroner's report into the suicide of an Aboriginal girl, the Government of Western Australia established an Inquiry into Response by Government Agencies to Complaints of Family Violence and Child Abuse in Aboriginal Communities, with Magistrate Susan Gordon AM of the Children's Court of Western Australia, as its appointed Chairperson. The terms of reference and recommendations of the inquiry are discussed.
Author's Address:
Children's Court Solicitor, Aboriginal Legal Service, Wollongong NSW, and Member, Juvenile Justice Advisory Council
grey lit Developing Practice: The Child, Youth and Family Work Journal, No. 5, Summer 2002 - 2003: 50-52
ISSN: 1445-6818
Physical description: Pages 50-52
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