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Record ID: 414ca939-73c8-4d82-9c84-5db9bcfe875b
Type: Journal Article
Title: Mapping cyber-enabled crime: Understanding police investigations and prosecutions of cyberstalking
Authors: Prichard, Jeremy
O'Shea, Brianna
Asquith, Nicole L.
Keywords: Cyberstalking and digital technology
ANRA Topic: Technology-facilitated abuse
Policing and legal responses
ANRA Population: General population
Year: 2022
Publisher: QUT Centre for Justice
Citation: Volume 10, Issue 4
Abstract:  Stalking is one of the main types of abusive behaviour facilitated by technology. The purpose of the current study was twofold: to identify the challenges of cyberstalking investigations and prosecutions in Australia and determine how best to investigate these types of offences. A qualitative analysis of four years of interviews, focus groups and participant observations with police departments provides an overview of the cyberstalking investigative process. The findings map out the process from the initial report of the incident to the preparation of the prosecution brief. This analysis positions cyberstalking investigations as an interesting case study in the midst of increased scrutiny about the way that police investigate technology-facilitated abuse.
ISSN: 2202-8005
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