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Record ID: 82665317-e41b-4f62-a0ba-98cf73be1e22
Type: Journal Article
Title: Mapping the margins: intersectionality, identity politics and violence against women of color
Other Titles: Stanford law review
Authors: Crenshaw, Kimberle
Keywords: Advocacy;Representations of women
Year: 1991
Publisher: School of Law, Stanford University
Citation: 43, July 1991
Notes:  Explores identity issues of race and colour as related to women of colour who experience violence in the US. Asserts that the rape and battering of Black women is intrinsically related to sexism and racism, and that this claim has not been addressed by feminism. Discusses structural, political and representational intersectionality within the context of the politics of identity and social construction.
ISSN: 0038-9765
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