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Type: Journal Article
Title: Men’s role in violence against women in disasters: Studies in Iran and Australia
Authors: Sohrabizadeh, Sanaz
Parkinson, Debra
ANRA Topic: Natural disasters and pandemics
ANRA Population: General population
Year: 9999
Citation: Volume 37, Issue 1
Abstract:  Sexual violence is largely absent from studies on violence against women in disasters. The role of men in perpetrating violence against women is overlooked or excused and women are usually blamed in both countries. A review of 2 studies of men's violence against women after floods and earthquakes in Iran and bushfires in Australia show remarkable similarities. Although cultural contexts and the way gender inequality is established and demonstrated are different, these studies reveal unexpected parallels. The context of disaster lays it bare. Participants of both studies were disaster-affected people in Iran and Australia who revealed the taboos that prevent women speaking of violence that is exacerbated in a disaster context. Men play important roles in preventing and responding to violence against women as the result of their responsibilities and positions at the household and community levels. The objective of this paper was to compare the findings from these studies and consider the difficulties faced in conducting studies related to the roles of men and women roles during and after disaster events.
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