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Record ID: 2c4fd289-127c-434c-8020-f58b5cd9968f
Type: Journal Article
Title: Must we stop arresting batterers?: analysis and policy implications of new police domestic violence studies
Other Titles: New England law review
Authors: Zorza, Joan
Keywords: Policing;Criminal justice responses
Year: 1993
Publisher: New England School of Law
Citation: 28 (1), Fall 1993
Notes:  Summarises the methods and results of a wide range of police replication studies in the U.S., conducted to determine the deterrent value of one of three responses to domestic violence offences, arrest, mediation and physical separation. Argues that the findings in many of these experiments are the result of fundamental or procedural design flaws and that their conclusions have limited, if any, value for policy makers. The absence of consistency or coherence amongst the experiments is also criticised. Concludes that mandatory arrest does have a significant deterrent effect and that, when coupled with a speedy prosecution, can serve other purposes in the general community. Advocates for a coordinated community response to domestic violence, the collaboration of women’s groups with legal, welfare and health agencies and further research.
ISSN: 0028-4823
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