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Record ID: ea7048e7-e161-45f8-bac1-4ba5bd185d6b
Type: Journal Article
Title: Navigating risk and protective factors for family violence during and after the COVID-19 ‘perfect storm’
Authors: Winter, Romy
Norris, Kimberley
Spiranovic, Caroline
Hudson, Nina
Stanford, Sonya
Cashman, Kate
Bartkowiak-Theron, Isabelle
Categories: COVID-19 Research
Year: 2020
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Abstract:  The social conditions triggered by the global COVID-19 pandemic have been described as a ‘perfect storm’, which could incite and exacerbate incidences of family violence (FV). This article proposes strategies to reduce the anticipated impact of COVID-19 on FV based on lessons learnt from available evidence. The evidence base on factors linking pandemics, conflicts, and disasters with violence against women and children (VAW/C) as well as risk and protective factors for FV is examined. This reveals several overlapping factors associated with changes in vulnerability to FV, which would likely be worsened during and possibly beyond the COVID-19 pandemic. Strategies are then proposed to counteract the effects of the current pandemic on these overlapping factors. It is anticipated that these strategies may be effective both during and after the pandemic.
ISSN: 1034-5329
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