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Record ID: c3cff7d6-85ee-41a5-8ac4-1e57cdbab634
Type: Journal Article
Title: Nursing assessment for risk of homicide with battered women
Other Titles: Advances in nursing science
Authors: Campbell, Jacquelyn C
Keywords: Prevention;Risk assessment;Measurement;Homicide
Year: 1986
Publisher: Aspen Systems Corp
Citation: 8 (4), 1986
Notes:  Outlines the methodology and results of a US study aimed at establishing the utility of The Danger Assessment (TDA), a research instrument designed to assist battered women in assessing their risk of becoming victims or perpetrators of homicide. The conceptual framework from which the tool was developed is presented, as is a review of the literature supporting the link between homicide and domestic violence. Argues the process of risk assessment should be viewed as an instance of improving women’s self-care agency or enhancing their ability to take deliberate and informed action against future violence, and suggests directions for future use and research.
ISSN: 0161-9268
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