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Record ID: 14b2502d-08c9-454a-bf32-8c33be6485a3
Type: Journal Article
Title: Parent abuse by dependent adult children living in the family home: a gap in the service?
Authors: Hamilton, Gemma
Harris, Lisa
Keywords: Filial violence;Parent abuse
ANRA Topic: Other
ANRA Population: General population
Year: 2021
Publisher: Routledge
Abstract:  Research is beginning to examine the abuse of parents by their children but has tended to focus on adolescent-to-parent abuse where the child is aged between 10?17 years, or elder abuse where the victim is of post-retirement age. This article examines an under-recognized form of family violence that involves the abuse of parents by their dependent adult-aged children living in the family home. This article draws on data from an evaluation of a police-social services response to family violence in Australia, as well as de-identified case files involving child respondents aged 18-years-and-over to examine the nature of this type of family violence and the service responses to such cases. The data suggest that parent abuse by dependent adult children is a unique issue that currently lacks research and specialized responses within the family violence service system. We consider the changing dynamic of family structures and how this might impact parent abuse by dependent adult children living in the family home. We also discuss the potential effectiveness of varying criminal justice and social service responses and propose that a tailored response which acknowledges the complexity and dynamics of family relations involving dependent adult children is required.
ISSN: 1322-9400
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