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Record ID: 3ca214bf-c254-4443-94c7-5299a1f82320
Type: Journal Article
Title: Prevalence of intimate partner violence among Saudi Arabian international students and their spouses
Authors: Frederico, Margarita
Walker, Genevieve
Lewis, Virginia
Cleak, Helen
Alasmari, Abdullah Bin Ahmed
Keywords: international students
ANRA Topic: Understanding victimisation and perpetration, and their impacts
ANRA Population: Culturally and linguistically diverse communities
Populations: Other
Categories: Understanding victimisation and perpetration, and their impacts
Year: 2022
Publisher: Routledge
Abstract:  This study investigated the experience of IPV amongst married Saudi Arabian international students and their partners in Australia. The research explored the prevalence of IPV, the types of IPV, and gender differences in IPV experienced. A sample of 508 adult Saudi Arabian university students report of their own IPV experiences. The findings suggested gender differences in the context of IPV. The study can inform culturally appropriate interventions to support victims and increase perpetrator accountability.
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