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Type: Journal Article
Title: Real trouble in the home: the domestic violence reality for women with disabilities
Other Titles: Domestic Violence & Incest Resource Centre Newsletter
Authors: Frohmader, Caroline
Salthouse, Sue
Keywords: Disability
ANRA Population: People with disability
Year: 2005
Publisher: Domestic Violence & Incest Resource Centre
Citation: (4), Summer 2004/2005
Notes:  "This article is an edited version of a paper called 'Double the Odds' – Domestic Violence and Women with Disabilities presented at the 'Home Truths' Conference, CASA Forum Melbourne, 15-17 September 2004."
Presents a picture of the situation in Australia for the 20% of women living with a disability and describes the barriers faced by many of them in trying to escape a situation of domestic violence. Gives a definition of the various forms domestic violence may take for these women and the strategies they use to deal with it. In referring to a number of sources, author illustrates how little is known of the incidence of domestic violence within this specific segment of the population. Argues that the need for advocates for these women is great but that the feminist movement, the disability movement, the legal system and the Australian government has ignored their problems. Concludes that policies and programmes which target women with disabilities need to be instituted at a national level, and then followed up by the states and territories.
ISSN: 1324-4264
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