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Record ID: 658f0292-0e53-41c9-aac2-5d9fd1425233
Type: Journal Article
Title: Restorative justice in indigenous communities: critical issues in confronting violence against women
Other Titles: International review of victimology
Authors: Zellerer, Evelyn
Keywords: Cross-cultural;Criminal justice responses;Indigenous issues
Year: 1999
Publisher: A B Academic Publishers
Citation: 6, 1999
Notes:  Examines community-based responses to violence against Indigenous women, drawing upon data collected from Inuit women in the Canadian eastern Arctic to illustrate some of the major challenges facing these and other communities. Through emphasising the interface between gender and culture, the rationale for and development of community-based alternatives to the criminal justice system are outlined. Six major areas towards which resources and reforms should be directed are then recommended – education and awareness; prioritisation of the needs and safety of victims; redressing power imbalances between and within communities; qualified recognition of the experiences and knowledge held by community elders; respecting cultural differences and traditional values of communities; and the provision of appropriate and adequate resources for carrying out the aforementioned objectives. Suggests that although restorative, community-based justice models have the potential to meet the needs of victims and hold offenders responsible, criminal justice responses should not yet be abandoned altogether. Rather, they should occupy a new position as a ‘last resort’.
ISSN: 2697580
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