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Type: Journal Article
Title: Service needs of children exposed to domestic violence: Qualitative findings from a statewide survey of domestic violence agencies
Authors: Berg, Kristen A.
King, Jennifer A.
Scaggs, Alyssa L.
Davis, Alexis P.
Holmes, Megan R.
Evans, Kylie E.
Bender, Anna E.
Year: 9999
Citation: Volume 118
Abstract:  Objective Each year, more than 6% of all U.S. children are exposed to domestic violence and require intervention services from agencies that serve affected families. Previous research has examined detrimental biopsychosocial consequences of domestic violence exposure during childhood and the importance of effective prevention and intervention services for this population. However, less research has explored diverse intervention professionals’ own perspectives on the needs of the domestic violence-exposed children they serve. Method This study employed an inductive approach to thematic analysis to investigate intervention professionals’ reflections and advice regarding the service, policy, and research needs as well as overall strategies to better protect children exposed to domestic violence. Results Respondents articulated four primary themes of (a) building general education and awareness of the effects of domestic violence exposure on children; (b) the need for trauma-informed care; (c) the salience of cultural humility in serving affected families; and (d) essential collaboration across service domains. Respondents discussed these themes in the context of four key systems of care: the clinical or therapy, family, school, and judicial systems. Conclusions Future research should integrate the voices of affected children and families as well as examine models for effectively implementing these recommendations into practice settings.

Keywords: Intimate partner violence, Child maltreatment, Family violence, Intervention
Trauma-informed care
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