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Record ID: 24b6836c-bf2f-44d1-be6c-285ed2b0394d
Type: Journal Article
Title: Temporary migration and family violence: How perpetrators weaponise borders
Authors: Segrave, Marie
ANRA Topic: Drivers of violence against women
Categories: Understanding victimisation and perpetration, and their impacts
Year: 2021
Publisher: QUT
Citation: Volume 10, Issue 4
Abstract:  This paper explores the implications of domestic and family violence occurring across borders, specifically the utilisation of border crossings to exert control and enact violence. While gendered violence can and does occur in border-crossing journeys, this paper focuses more specifically on how domestic and family violence extends across national borders and how violence (or the threat of violence and deportation) can manifest across multiple countries when women are temporary visa holders. This paper illuminates the way in which migration systems play a significant role in temporary migrant experiences of domestic and family violence. Drawing on a study of 300 temporary migrants and their experiences of domestic and family violence, I argue that perpetrators effectively weaponise the migration system to threaten, coerce and control women in different ways, most often with impunity. I also argue that we cannot focus on perpetrators and the individual alone—that we need to build on the border criminology scholarship that highlights the need to focus on systemic harm in the context of domestic and family violence and identify how the migration regime contributes to gendered violence.
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