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Type: Journal Article
Title: The Gordon Inquiry: child protection and the role of the health worker
Other Titles: Aboriginal and Islander health worker journal
Authors: Gordon, Sue
Keywords: Child protection;Indigenous issues;Interagency work;Health
ANRA Population: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Communities
Year: 2003
Publisher: Aboriginal and Islander Health Worker
Citation: 27 (5), September/October 2003
Notes:  Part of a presentation made at the Fourth National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Workers' Conference, Health Workers - Making a Difference, this paper provides a background to the Gordon Inquiry, an inquiry set up by the Western Australian Government in 2001 to investigate, inter alia, the circumstances surrounding the death of a young Aboriginal girl in State custody. The terms of reference and key findings of the inquiry with respect to child and/or sexual abuse in Indigenous communities are outlined and problems with the delivery of child protection services are highlighted. Concludes by emphasising the need for a coordinated, multi-agency response to the issue.
ISSN: 1037-3403
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