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Record ID: 4332d175-8f2e-4a0f-b172-6c2a148204b9
Type: Journal Article
Title: Understanding Australian female chiropractors’ experiences of inappropriate patient sexual behaviour: A study using interpretive phenomenological analysis
Authors: O’Mullan, Catherine
Innes, Stanley
Lastella, Michele
Maurice, Laura
Keywords: Female chiropractors
ANRA Topic: Sexual violence and sexual harassment
ANRA Population: Populations: Other
Year: 2021
Publisher: BMC
Citation: Volume 29
Abstract:  Female practitioners are often subjected to inappropriate patient sexual behaviour (IPSB). Adverse consequences of such sexual harassment include for the practitioner psychological stress effects and negative work-related consequences that contributes to career dissatisfaction and burnout. Confronting the issue within the healthcare context has been shown to be problematic because practitioners feel an obligation to protect the therapeutic relationship above their own personal discomfort. There is an absence of research on this topic with respect to female chiropractors and we proposed a qualitative study aimed to explore female chiropractors lived experiences of managing incidents of IPSB.
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