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Record ID: 3a98f0f5-9a35-414f-ae05-70b35894a290
Type: Journal Article
Title: Victim and victim support staff experiences of a domestic violence electronic monitoring program in Australia
Authors: Butler, Tony Gerard
Hwang, Ye In
Simpson, Paul Leslie
Keywords: Electronic monitoring
ANRA Topic: Health, primary care and specialist service responses
ANRA Population: General population
Year: 2021
Publisher: SAGE Publications Inc
Abstract:  This study investigates the experiences of victims of domestic violence (DV) involved in a bilateral electronic monitoring (EM) program. Semi-structured interviews were conducted with six victims whose associated person of interest participated in an EM program post-release, as well as 13 victim support staff. Thematic analysis revealed seven themes: (1) Safety and validation, (2) Initial anxiety, (3) Minimal intrusion on daily life, (4) Psychological relief and feelings of safety, (5) Freedom to engage in daily activities, (6) Post-EM concerns for safety, and (7) An effective deterrent for some, but not for all. Overall, the experiences reported by victims and support staff were positive and evident of victim-centricity. The main defining experience of the DVEM program for victims was improved feelings of safety during the program and increased autonomy and confidence in going about their daily activities. However, there is an urgent need to consider post-EM safety of victims.
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