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Record ID: 4982736d-d22c-47b8-905b-c0babb90b9a3
Type: Thesis
Title: Legal responses to intimate partner violence : gendered aspirations and racialised realities
Authors: Nancarrow, Heather
Keywords: Intersectionality;Gender;Legislation;Race;Legal issues;Aboriginal Australians;Domestic violence;Family violence;Equality
Year: 2016
Publisher: Griffith Universtiy
Notes:  Excerpt from abstract
"In response to feminist activism inside and outside government, all Australian states and territories enacted civil law responses to domestic and family violence in the early to mid-1980s. These laws were part of a broader feminist agenda to interrupt and, ultimately, dismantle gender inequality. There are legislative differences and similarities amongst the Australian states and territories, but all provide a swift legal restraint on domestic violence perpetrators through a civil court order. There are, however, unintended negative consequences of these laws for women.

My thesis is that the lack of an intersectional policy analysis, specifically the failure to consider race and class as well gender in the development of the legislation has amplified the unintended negative consequences for Indigenous women. I demonstrate this through a mixed methods research design, drawing on four bodies of theoretical thought to examine: 1) gender and race differences in the application of legislative provisions that reflect specific gendered aspirations; and 2) the kind of violence perpetrated, and the context in which it occurs."
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