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Record ID: e77aa077-6cec-4482-b47b-41cf065b7e73
Type: Submission
Title: The practice of dowry and the incidnece of dowry abuse in Australia : submission to the Senate Standing Committee on Legal & Constitutional Affairs
Authors: Fitz-Gibbon, Kate
Segrave, Marie
Maher, JaneMaree
Johnston, Melissa
Wickes, Rebecca
Pickering, Sharon
McCulloch, Jude
Forbes-Mewett, Helen
Ulbrick, Madeline
Keywords: Australia;Intimate partner violence;Dowry abuse
Year: 2018
Publisher: Monash University
Abstract:  " This submission has been
prepared by members of the Monash Family Violence Prevention Centre (MFVPC), the Monash
Migration and Inclusion Centre (MMIC) and Monash Gender, Peace and Security (GPS). More details
about these three research programs and our current related research are provided in the
introduction and as an appendix to this submission. Please find our submission attached to this
letter. In our submission, we have drawn on our extensive research findings across multiple projects
to focus specifically on the intersections of family violence, culturally and linguistically diverse
communities, migration and criminal law. We would welcome the opportunity to discuss any aspects
of this submission or our wider research further with the Committee. "
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