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Record ID: 11beef74-f89f-486e-ae50-8663c0e14989
Type: Leaflet
Title: Are you an older woman? : do you feel safe at home? [English] [Aboriginal language(s)] [Macedonian] [Portuguese] [Chinese] [Italian] [Turkish]
Authors: Illawarra Legal Centre Inc
Keywords: Client resources;Older people
Year: 2001
Publisher: Illawarra Legal Centre Inc
Notes:  Front cover of brochure says : "There are legal steps you can take...". Inside are the headings : What is an AVO?; How do you get an AVO?; What is a breach?; What is violence?; Stay safe; Where to go for assistance.
Physical description: 210 mm x 297 mm; A4 folded to 97 mm x 210 mm
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