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Record ID: d2da618d-a60a-4d38-a620-7de4e52511bc
Type: Leaflet
Title: Women - you don't have to put up with domestic violence - you can do something about it [Aboriginal] [Arabic] [English] [Filipino] [Chinese] [Greek] [Italian] [Vietnamese]
Authors: Women's Domestic Violence Court Assistance Program
Keywords: Protection orders;Client resources;CALD (culturally and linguistically diverse);Legal issues
Year: 2002
Publisher: NSW Legal Aid Commission
Notes:  Brochure explains what an AVO is and how one can be assisted in obtaining it. Contact information is provided for metropolitan and regional offices of the Women's Domestic Violence Court Assistance Scheme as well as for the Domestic Violence Advocacy Service and the Legal Aid Commission.
Physical description: 1 sheet folded, colour; 210 mm x 297 mm; A4
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