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Record ID: cca40152-b581-480d-9165-2d63071f859b
Type: Leaflet
Title: God speaks out against violence & abuse
Authors: Australian Evangelical Alliance Commission on Women's Concerns
"Australia Influenced by Discipled Women"
Keywords: Religious groups;Community education;Client resources
Year: 2001
Publisher: World Evangelical Fellowship, [Edmonds, Washington
Notes:  Brochure offers numerous Biblical examples to show “Anger and violence are not in God’s plan for us”, “Love is what god requires of us” and “God heals those hurts in our lives, taking care of us.” Practical advice is also given to those helping a friend who is suffering from abuse in a relationship and local contacts are given for New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania and Western Australia.
Physical description: 1 sheet ; A4 folded to 10 x 21 cm
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