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Record ID: a852d375-365a-492f-be43-16bcb7ca59a4
Type: Leaflet
Title: Date, rape, violence & Christianity
Authors: Australian Evangelical Alliance Commission on Women's Concerns
"Australia Influenced by Discipled Women"
Keywords: Client resources;Community education;Religious groups;Dating violence
Year: 2001
Publisher: World Evangelical Fellowship, [Edmonds, Washington
Notes:  Gives warning signs of a partner who may become violent, lists actions which indicate when “it is not a positive relationship” and offers Biblical references as spiritual guidance while also giving practical advice on what to do if you are helping a friend suffering from abuse in a relationship or are yourself suffering abuse. Contact details for further information are given for New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania and Western Australia.
Physical description: 1 sheet ; A4 folded to 10 x 21 cm
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