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Record ID: dc152362-594f-40b3-9112-3ef6f5b55aea
Type: Calendar
Title: 2003 Calendar [Somali]
Authors: This was a joint project of the Baulkham Hills Holroyd Parramatta Migrant Resource Centre, NSW Strategy to Reduce Violence Against Women and Parramatta Community Health Service
Keywords: Client resources;Community education
Year: 2003
Publisher: The Project Working Group
Notes:  The calendar was developed with funding from 2001 Community Development Support Expenditure Scheme Committee: Parramatta Leagues and The Epping Club. The scheme was facilitated by the Parramatta City Council.
Calendar produced as a community education resource for the Somali community, emphasising the theme of family harmony. A number of messages about the factors contributing to family harmony are printed on the calendar in English and Somali.
Physical description: Poster 324 mm x 455 mm with 12 pages attached 180 mm x 287 mm
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