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dc.contributor.authorWalden, Inaraen
dc.contributor.authorMcFerran, Ludoen
dc.format24 p.en
dc.publisherUniversity of New South Walesen
dc.subjectSexual assaulten
dc.subjectService provisionen
dc.titleReport on a scoping study into the effects of sexual violence on employees and the workplaceen
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dc.description.notesIn June 2013 the Safe at Home, Safe at Work project team of the Gendered Violence Research Network (GVRN, formerly the Centre for Gender Related Violence Studies) at UNSW Australia embarked on a small scoping study into the workplace impacts of sexual violence. The researchers hoped to learn about support needs in the workplace context, such as time off to deal with legal, medical and counselling issues workers may have following experiences of sexual violence. They wanted to find out whether workers felt able to disclose to someone at work about what had taken place, and if so, which responses of employers or co-workers were supportive or helpful. More generally they hoped to scope the range of impacts the experience of sexual violence might have on workers and the workplace, to better understand what workplaces might do to stem the impacts of lost productivity and assist their employees to carry out necessary steps to cope with the immediate situation and any ongoing effects, without having to quit or lose valued employment.<br/ ><br/ >Impacts of sexual assault taking place in the workplace, or perpetrated by a co-worker, have been considered previously by a small number of studies in the US context. This research was not limited to events taking place in the workplace or between co-workers, but rather focused on the impacts of sexual violence that has taken place in any context of a person's life and how such events then impact on the person's ability to continue working, be productive and hold down a job.<br/ ><br/ >The core focus of the research is therefore how experiences of sexual assault or sexual abuse, wherever and whenever they have taken place, impact the ongoing work lives of those affected and the workplaces they are attached to. The research responds to the need for employers and workplaces to have more information about this and also to the gap in the literature about effects of sexual violence pertaining specifically to the workplace context and types of support that may be required there.<br/ ><br/ >The project team had previously considered the area of domestic violence workplace impacts and, thus, has been made acutely aware of the significant pressures, vulnerabilities and risks for workers who are inadequately supported by employers or denied the opportunity to take leave needed to sort out legal, counselling and other issues associated with impacts of violence. Unemployment, financial stress and homelessness are significant risks associated with experiences of domestic violence, however this work has identified many ways that workplaces can and do make a difference by supporting affected employees to get through the crisis, feel safe in the workplace and stay on in their jobs. The outcomes of providing a supportive work environment are extremely positive for both individual workers and the morale and productivity of workplaces. The pervasive effects of sexual violence on the many domains of survivors’ lives has been well acknowledged in other research and the workplace has been mentioned as one of the areas in which impacts are noted. However the extent and type of impacts, workplace needs and support required has not previously been investigated.en
dc.description.contentsPart I: Report on a scoping study into the effects of sexual<br/ >violence on employees and the workplace<br/ >Part II: Quotes from the Interviews<br/ >References<br/ >Appendixen
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