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Type: Conference Paper
Title: Building partnerships between the disability and family violence services in Victoria: improving service responses to women with disabilities experiencing violence
Other Titles: The 6th Australian Women's Health Conference : The New National Agenda, 18[c
Authors: Howe, Keran
Keywords: Human rights;Community attitudes;Interagency work;Service provision;Disability
ANRA Population: People with disability
Year: 2010
Publisher: Australian Women’s Health Network
Notes:  Overview:This conference paper describes the mission of the Victorian Women with Disabilities Network (VWDN) and their analysis of Victorian government policy and practice as it deals with violence against women with disabilities.
The VWDN examined the 2008 report, "Building the evidence : a report on the status of policy and practice in responding to violence against women with disabilities in Victoria" and summarised the report's recommendations. These include improvements to:

* Best practice in interagency collaboration
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