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Type: Conference Paper
Title: Crossing the last frontier: problems facing Aboriginal women victims of rape in Central Australia
Other Titles: Without consent : confronting adult sexual violence : proceedings of a con[cut]
Authors: Rogers, Nanette
Lloyd, Jane
Keywords: Sexual assault;Criminal justice responses;Indigenous issues;Drug and alcohol misuse
Year: 1992
Publisher: Australian Institute of Criminology
Notes:  This paper discusses intra-racial rape of Aboriginal women in Central Australia, including the impact of alcohol abuse. It refers to child sexual assault and violence against women. It looks at the difficulties faced by Aboriginal rape victims in the courts and calls for closed courts and support persons. Criminal injuries compensation it also discussed as problematic, as a result of a lack of understanding of indigenous culture, and explains that rape and incest are not part of Aboriginal traditions or customary law.
ISBN: 9780642193902
Physical description: 412 p. ; 25 cm.
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