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Type: Electronic publication
Title: 2010 gender equality blueprint [electronic resource]
Authors: Rosenman, Elena
Broderick, Elizabeth
Goldie, Cassandra
Keywords: Human rights;Prevention;Workplaces
Year: 2010
Publisher: Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission
Notes:  Overview:Following on from Gender equality: What matters to Australian women and men:, the report of the Listening Tour conducted by the Sex Discrimination Commissioner in 2007, this document sets out 5 key reforms as a priority for Australian society. Government institutions, statutory bodies and private industry are the targets of the reforms. Recommendations are made which would benefit both men and women in their public and private lives. The blueprint contains specific suggestions for new national government strategies and amendments to current legislation.
Contents:  Recommendations
Why does achieving gender equality matter?
1: Balancing paid work and family and caring responsibilities
2: Ensuring women’s lifetime economic security
3: Promoting women in leadership
4: Preventing violence against women and sexual harassment
5: Strengthening gender equality laws, agencies and monitoring
ISBN: 9781921449161
Physical description: 24 p. ; 30 cm.
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