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Type: Electronic publication
Title: Assessing risk factors for intimate partner homicide
Other Titles: NIJ Journal
Authors: Campbell, Jacquelyn C
Block, Carolyn Rebecca
Koziol-Mclain, Jane
Webster, Daniel
Keywords: Risk assessment;Risk factors;Drug and alcohol misuse;Homicide
Year: 2003
Publisher: National Institute of Justice
Citation: 250, November 2003
Notes:  General Overview: In this article from the United States, the authors present findings of a study of the Danger Assessment Tool (DAT) (Campbell 1988), a series of 15 questions designed to measure a woman's risk of death in an abusive relationship. The DAT is reproduced in the paper.

Discussion: In their evaluation, the researchers found that while the tool is not a precise actuarial tool, it does have reliability when used as a guide in the assessment process and may be useful in helping women recognise that they face a potentially lethal risk. A high correlation was found between homicide and gun ownership, threats to kill, extreme jealousy, attempts to strangle and forced sex. Drug and alcohol abuse by the offender is positively correlated with homicide.

Low correlations were found between homicide and threatened or attempted suicide by either males or females.
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