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Type: Electronic publication
Title: Early evaluation of the Domestic Violence, Crime and Victims Act 2004
Authors: Westmarland, Nicole
Williamson, Emma
Pearce, Julia
Hester, Marianne
Keywords: Policing;Legislation analysis;Criminal justice responses;Protection orders
Year: 2008
Publisher: Ministry of Justice
Notes:  General Overview: :This UK report evaluates changes to legislation regarding police powers and protection orders.

Discussion: :The Department for Constitutional Affairs commissioned this evaluation of key features of the Domestic Violence, Crime and Victims Act 2004. The features included making common assault an arrestable offence, making breach of a non-molestation order a criminal offence, extending existing laws to same sex couples and allowing the court to impose restraining orders when sentencing, or on acquittal, for any offence. The evaluation aimed to establish baseline data against which to assess the implementation of the new measures and to provide an early snapshot of progress towards implementing the measures. The study looked at police incident data and court outcomes in Croydon and South Tyneside as well as interviews with 56 professionals and 38 domestic violence victims/survivors. The authors conclude that, by December 2007, the impact of the changes was limited and in some respects unclear. Recommendations are made regarding police training and further monitoring.
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