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Type: Electronic publication
Title: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Family Violence : facts and figures
Authors: Nancarrow, Heather
Schmider, Joann
Keywords: Child protection;Statistics;Indigenous issues
Year: 2007
Publisher: Queensland Centre for Domestic and Family Violence Research, Central Queensland University, Mackay
Notes:  Provides an overview of the recent statistics on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander family violence, with a particular focus on Queensland. The aim of the paper is to provide a reference for service providers and organisations to use when preparing campaigns and funding submissions. The paper discusses common problems in the use of statistical information, defines and outlines the term 'family violence' and its implications, discusses the availability of accurate data on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander family violence and then outlines the facts and figures regarding Statistics specific to Indigenous people in Queensland.
ISBN: 9781921047435
Physical description: 13 p. : ill.
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