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Type: Journal Article
Title: Australian women’s perspectives of routine enquiry into domestic violence before and after birth
Authors: Clonan, Tanya
O’Malley, Rosemary
Gillespie, Kerri
Branjerdporn, Grace
Boddy, Jennifer
Baird, Kathleen
Categories: ANROWS e-newsletter February 2023
Year: 2023
Publisher: BMC
Citation: Volume 23
Abstract:  Background
Peripartum women are vulnerable to experiencing intimate partner violence (IPV). Interactions with health practitioners during maternity care provide a unique opportunity to detect and respond to women who are experiencing IPV. The aim of this study was to explore women’s experiences of IPV screening at an Australian maternity service.

Qualitative methodology was used in this cross-sectional study. In-depth semi-structured interviews were conducted with women with IPV who attended an Australian maternity service. Thematic analysis was used to identify codes and themes.

The nine women expressed three major themes, and six sub-themes, surrounding clinician approaches (communication and support, asking about IPV, and following disclosure), system considerations (fear of child safety involvement, continuity of care, and environmental considerations), and education. All participants supported screening and highlighted beneficial or detrimental approaches to screening and care, and recommendations for improvement.

This research points to the benefit of trauma-informed frameworks in hospitals to support women experiencing IPV.

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